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-  F18 E/F fighters currently cost $55 millon each.   The early F35 B fighters cost        $207.6 each for the first 32.
-  One wing of 24  F18 E/F fighters costs $1,320 billion dollars while one wing of 24      F35 B fighters costs $4,982 billion dollars. 
-  Replacing F35 B fighters with F18 E/F fighters on the LHA class ships converted      to CVA saves $1,320 = $3,662 billion dollars.
-  Subtract cost of two internal combustion catapult aircraft launch systems, one      waist and one forward at 30 million each for a total savings of $3,602 billion            dollars. 
-  If RDT&E is included for the F35, then each F35 costs $304.15 million for a cost        of $7, 299.6 billion and an overall savings due to substitution with F18 E/F fighters
   of  $5,979 billion.  
- If ship redesign (to include an angled deck) from LHA to CVA costs $1.5 billion, then total savings due to the redesign is $4.479 billion dollars. 

If it were possible to install EMALS aboard a CVA

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