Advanced Technology Catapults  - Company Message

These are pictures that I have selected to help explain the FIRECAT catapult  hardware and the ship areas impacted


The gentlemen are working  the most aft launch engine cylinder which is bolted to the thrust thrust-exhaust unit

Everything aft of the thrust-exhaust unit is removed and replaced with the FIRECAT combustor and FIRECAT hardware, 

This is a combustor with the fuel and air combustion taking place in the first stage and four cooling water injection rings to cool the combustion gas and make additional steam to accomplish the launch.

These combustors (computer rendered) are roughly 5 feet tall, 10 ft wide and twenty feet long.  They can be delivered skid mounted and ready to install.

The combustors are bolted to the aft end of the thrust exhaust unit

These two graphics show two of the compartments recovered along with considerable additional ship space made available by removing the piping, valves and accumulators from the C13-2 catapult.  This is repeated 4 times for 4 catapults.  with a weight savings of over one million pounds 50 ft above waterline, increasing stability during high speed maneuvering.

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